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Affiliates Make Money

  • We pay a leading commission rate based on the product.  We pay commission on all purchases when you refer a customer that purchased through our online shopping cart.
  • Commissions grow with the size of the sale. If the customer you refer buys 10 items, you'll be paid a one-time commission on all 10.

How the Affiliate System Works

Visitors from your Web site or email blast will click on the hyperlink optimized with your affiliate code. Whenever your traffic is detected on our site, you get paid.

Program Details

  • The first order on any new account is eligible for commission.  There is NO cap on the size of the order and resulting commission paid.
  • Tracking cookies survive for 12 months.  No parasites, SPAM activity, or other activity deemed malicious or harmful to affiliates is allowed in our network, at our sole discretion.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

  • Place a banner or link from The Bible Experience on your Web site or blog that refers your clients to the Inspired By Store and make commissions.
  • Refer your business associates.
  • Place a "Powered by The Bible Experience" graphic with a link on your Web site.


Affiliate Program Application

Request more information about our Affiliate Program.




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