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“It’s a legacy project, hands down, and when you factor in the New Media aspects that surpass the traditional distribution channel of the CD with delivery to iPods, mobile devices, computers, satellite radio and so on – just as Jesus sent out his disciples to spread the news by word-of-mouth, we are using today’s technology to reach the masses,” said Belk.


“We believe Inspired By… The Bible Experience will play a critical role in re-engaging today’s generation with God’s Word,” notes Paul Caminiti, vice president and publisher of Bibles at Zondervan. “Our retail partners already have embraced the vision for this project and are enthusiastically preparing to help make an exciting launch this fall.” 

Veteran New Media Executive, Ron Belk, Veteran TV and film producer Kyle Bowser, Grammy-winning music producer Louis “Buster” Brown and veteran film/TV producer and Emmy-winning casting director Robi Reed serve as executive producers. Chip Hurd is the project’s producer and senior director. Wren Brown, Andi Chapman and Mark Swinton round out the directorial team, while Nancy Sprow serves as line producer.

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Executive Bios
Ron Belk
Kyle Bowser
Lou 'Buster' Brown
Robi Reed


Producer/Director Bio
Chip Hurd