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The Bible Experience
Ron Belk, Multimedia Executive

Ron Belk the Founder of Inspired By Media Group, Inc., and is one of the Executive Producer of the most ambitious, critically-acclaimed presentation of the Bible ever produced, Inspired By… The Bible Experience

A veteran technology expert and new media producer possessing numerous professional certifications from Microsoft, Novell and Cisco,

Ron Belk’s expansive knowledge base includes computer science, electronics, and business development/formation. Belk’s expertise has been tapped by a wide-ranging list of top tier companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., CBS, Mattel, and Pac Bell. At present, Belk is a sought after new media consultant and provider of corporate information solutions to the entertainment industry, credited with the development of more than 150 interactive  websites and mobile platforms. 

 Belk’s 'whatever-it-takes' approach combined with his unique perspective on the convergence of technology and multimedia has led to this successful entrepreneur launching start-up businesses in the mobile, replication and media arenas.

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Ron Belk
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